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LaForza Services



 From sidewalks and curbings to dumpster pads and dolly pads along with retaining walls LaForza's Team has the expertise to install and maintain concrete surfaces and structures of all types.


Pavers & Stone

Loading Docks

Handicap Accessible Ramps

Poured curbs

Stairs & steps



 From Commercial to Industrial LaForza has the authority in orchestrating major construction projects big or small.

 Drainage of all types.


Excavation/Cuts & Fills

Building Excavation

Retaining Walls

Asphalt Maintenance/Repair


 Delaying the process of asphalt repairs will ultimately cost you more in repairs over time.  Our professionals will work concisely with the highest industry standards to prolong the pavement life and preserve its functional properties.

Milling & Paving

Asphalt seal coating

Infrared asphalt restoration

Line striping

Crack Filling/Seal Coating


Proper installation of asphalt surfaces is important, but maintenance is essential to preserving the life of your paved parking lots, roadways, driveways, and walkways. Sealing cracks, sealcoating, repairing potholes, and restoring deteriorated asphalt areas are all part of a successful asphalt maintenance plan. Assessing your current conditions and prioritizing maintenance items will help you to maximize the life of your surfaces.

Commercial Hardscape


  The commercial designs and commercial landscape construction that LaForza Construction provides, creates a professional image for businesses. Laforza offers detailed landscaping design, installation and project management for commercial properties in New Jersey. Commercial Hardscape construction that is beautifully designed and maintained will enhance your business, making your office location appealing to your customers and an enjoyable work place for your employees. At Laforza construction our team of commercial designers make sure that your commercial landscape makes a great first impression. We can offer complex designed projects or low maintenance commercial landscaping designs, all within your predetermined budget. 

Snow/Ice Management


 Season snow removal experts our mission for your employees, customers, residents & visitors to arrive safe & on-time.